Wheelchair drive system

To be free. To be independence. Live your life. Mobility and life quality become one.

The limits of the body are not the limits of the ego. Our innovative electric motors, which are installed in well-known wheelchairs manufacturer helps you to do just that!


Your benefit and advantage with Gefeg drive solutions:

Maximum flexibility and mobility as well as a high degree of independence for a self-determined life.



Gefeg-Neckar in the coolest wheelchair in the world

SCEWO the barrier free life, everywhere, every time...

Scewo Bro balances independently on two wheels. This makes driving on green areas and forest paths very easy. Bro also has a solution for slippery and steep surfaces: This challenge is solved with the use of tracks. In addition, the wheelchair trumps with a lift function, whereby the wheelchair user can communicate with his counterpart at eye level. In a lying position, the wheelchair user relieves the strain on seating areas or uses this position to relax. Thanks to a seat slider, the wheelchair can also be moved seamlessly under any table. The wheelchair is operated using a smartphone and joystick. Read more click here www.scewo.ch 



Drive system for wiper

Gefeg Neckar develop and produce drive solutions for its clients in the automotive industry, too. In this industry you going meet a high specification of each applications and supply them the state of the art. Gefeg-Neckar has developed drive systems which are precisely customized and fit into the customer requirements of rail transport. We convince our customers in this market with different way of mounting on an EC (BLDC) or DC drives including brakes and gearboxes, too. 

Use and benefits with Gefeg Neckar drive systems:

  • Wide range of functions
  • Customized systems for any kind of application
  • High insulation class
  • Long working life
  • Excellence programmable
  • High degree of protection up to IP69K
  • Low noise motors
  • Low noise gearboxes


Drive system for entry adjustment device

Entry adjustment

It is an entry-level adjustment which help and can be adapted to different platform heights in the rail vehicle. In contrast to fixed access steps, the platform height, which corresponds to the vehicle floor, is adapted in such way that the entry and exit stays variable and convenient. Entry levels are used in the following rail vehicles like city railcars, in railway vehicles and in the IEC Intercity Express. In the case of rail vehicles, flap-release solutions are often used as an entry aid.

The advantages of the customer with our EC motor are:

  • Small installation volume
  • Simple build system
  • Tough against dirt and corrosion
  • Individual extension of drive distance adapted to the application conditions.

Our motors ensure a brilliant and excellent functionality of the flap-release solutions. Flap-release steps make lives easier for handicapped persons and parents with baby carriages to enter larger gaps between train carriage and platform.


Sanding System

A sanding system machine is a device which blowing sand by using 8 bar compressed air or using the effect of gravity of sand, which is spared in a storage container like a sand box, sprinkled through sand downpipes direct under the wheels or in front of the wheels on the rail. This bring the effect of higher friction between wheel and rail. In particular sanding systems play an important role in urban transport. This is where the start-up and braking processes are particularly frequent. Therefore it is very important that the systems is reliable and works, especially in wet and cold weather. Thanks to the efficiency of the precise dosed quantity of sand it’s reduce the fine dust load to a minimum.

How does our drive system works?

  • Sprinkle of sand is adjustable of driving speed and situation
  • Optimized quantity and flow of sand

What is your use and benefits of Gefeg EC drive system:

  • Very small and compact drive system
  • Small, easy and intelligent
  • Cost optimized model
  • High efficiency, especially in partial load
  • Very low noise drive system
  • Smooth surface and chasee
  • International Protection up to IP69K
  • Easy use, just Plug & Play


In the train and rail application is our drive system widely used.